POKÉ 1•2•3 is an upscale, fast casual restaurant, specializing in traditional Hawaiian style POKÉ bowls and innovative POKÉ “norritos” and Sushi. Our vision is to establish POKÉ 1•2•3 as the freshest, fastest, and healthiest POKÉ establishment in California and beyond.

Traditionally, POKÉ (pronounced POKE-AY) is cubes of raw tuna marinated in soy and sesame, often served with fresh add-ins and over rice or leafy greens. POKÉ is a ubiquitous term that can mean anything cubed, as POKÉ comes from the verb “to section, slice, or cut” in Hawaiian language.

POKÉ 1•2•3 offers a simple menu that is distinctive from popular fast food eateries that serve Mexican food, burgers, or sandwiches, and we aim to serve discerning, health conscious patrons of all ages.

A standout feature of our menu items is that they all are very “mobile.” Our POKÉ bowls and nori-wrapped burritos are easy to eat as take out – to be enjoyed during a working lunch at the office, outside in community gathering spaces, or at the beach.


In addition to fresh, fast and healthy seafood offerings, POKÉ 1·2·3 features sesame chicken and thoughtfully prepare vegan organic tofu options – for a unique 1·2·3 choice of proteins. Each protein is available in three presentations, including BOWLS, NORRITOS (large Nori-wraps), and Sushi Rolls

Our restaurant spaces are vibrantly designed with beautiful patio seating areas. We look forward to hosting you!